Our Clients


The media scene in the Sultanate has undergone a sea change since of late. With new publications appearing at regular intervals, with more FM channels occupying the airwaves and with even more TV channels available, identifying the right media mix for the right value has become a key challenge.

We at mediaOne understand this phenomenon much better than anyone else. With over two decades of hands-on experience, we know the Omani media market inside out. We have continuously tracked the progress of this fast changing sector and are today placed in a comfortable position to even predict which direction the market is going to veer in the future !

At mediaOne we pride ourselves on our in-depth researching capabilities. Since we understand the market so well we can suggest and recommend the best media mix that will deliver the maximum return on our clients’ investments.

mediaOne has over time built a strong relationship with every media house in the country. This directly translates as another huge ‘client benefit’ because ultimately it is the clients who will benefit from this mutually beneficial relationship, through competitive pricing.