Our Clients


Two decades ago the consumer’s media habits were pretty simple. With the advent of hundreds of TV channels, magazines, radio stations, internet, mobile and many other mediums it has become more complex and reaching them with the right media mix at the right value has become a key challenge … as brands fight constantly for the consumer’s mind space !

At mediaOne we fully understand the role brands plays in consumer’s life and what media plays in brand’s life ! mediaOne brings in the expertise of providing effective Media Solutions for brands looking to move closer to the consumer and be one with them.

With over two decades of presence in Oman, the agency has forged excellent relationship with every media house in Oman - ensures better negotiations and implementation
Possess an in-depth understanding of the Oman Market
Engaged in media planning and buying for leading clients across Oman and in the GCC
We achieve the various objectives of our clients very successfully through the following services :
Strategic Media Planning Services covering Print, Television, Radio and Digital
Effective Media negotiations & buying to give better ROI to clients
With media becoming dynamic, mediaOne offers clients customised research services to understand the media consumption from brand perspective
Media Monitoring Services: Regular monitoring of media to get insight into category and competition media spending Competitive monitoring, alerts & analysis